Reserve slot

Our servers have a limited number of players in real time. Because of this, there are often no vacancies. Thanks to the reserve slot you can always go to our any server, even if it does not have free slots.

For $3, you can buy a backup slot for 1 month, after which you can extend the reserve slot.

The reserve slot does not release from the ban/gag. So, having bought it, you will not be able to ban/gag other players. The only advantage that he gives you is the opportunity to get to the server at any time.

To purchase a reserve slot, you need to login via Steam or enter your STEAM ID and enter your Email.
Train4Game does not share your data, and also does not send spam emails. Upon purchase, you will receive an automatic email about successful payment to your Email (if it is not there, check it in the Spam folder), after the expiration of the backup slot you will receive an email where it is reported about it.

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